Bar Order Etiquette

Bar Order Etiquette


It can be very easy to make the mistake of not knowing how to properly order a drink. Once you have selected which bar you want to spend the night out in and have chosen your drinks you can also fall into the trap of thinking the hard part is over. However one of the most important aspects of any night within a bar setting is the actual ordering of the drinks themselves. To do this you will need to partake in a social interaction with members of staff. When doing this there are few things that are worth keeping in mind.

How To Properly Order Your Drinks

  • Have your ID on you

It can seem embarrassing or even insulting to have a member of staff ask for some proof of age. It is important to remember that when the bartender asks for your ID they are not being personal. It is common protocol to do this to anyone who appears to be younger than 25 years old.

  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions

Workers at the bar are professionals and are there to help. If you have an enquiry about your order they should be more than happy to answer it for you. A customer should never feel embarrassed. If they are unsure of something they should feel comfortable enough to ask. Failing to do so could mean that the customer messes up their order.

  • Learn bar talk

There are a few phrases that are commonly used at a bar when ordering drinks. If you learn these then it can make your time ordering much less time consuming. To do this it is well worth doing a small amount of research before your night out.

On the rocks means that the drink is served with ice. Neat is when the drink is served with no ice at room temperature. If you are ordering a martini then asking for it to be “dirty” means adding olive juice to the mixture. If you order a “well drink” you are basically asking for the cheapest possible option.

  • Be respectful

The bar staff are just doing their job. Recently there have been campaigns to ensure staff remain safe. Some of them may be new to the industry or overworked. It is always important to remember that they are there to help you and you should respect them. Losing your temper because they make a mistake with your order is not the correct way to react. Simply inform them that there has been some confusion and that you want the mistake corrected accordingly. Often the phrase “the customer is always right” is said by people. This does not give the customer the right to be rude or disrespectful to the staff.