Enjoying Bars as a Solo Traveler

Enjoying Bars as a Solo Traveler

There are many articles that discourage solo travelers from getting into bars because of the risks involved. While it is understandable to want to be careful when you are traveling alone, there are ways in which you could still enjoy drinking and dining in bars when you are traveling alone. Here are tips that you could use to make the experience better.

Go to an easily accessible bar

Avoid sketchy areas that you are not familiar with. Go to a bar that is easily accessible both by public means and using a taxi. It is even better if the bar is in a well lit area and preferably near where your accommodation is. You do not want to wander too far. If you do, make sure you have your map and internet connection that can help you find your way back.

Know your drinks

When you go to the bar alone, you cannot risk drinking random items from the menu without knowing the alcoholic content. Scrutinize the menu and ask the bar tender for details in case of doubt. Eat before you drink so that the alcohol does not overwhelm your system. More importantly, know when to stop drinking and head home. Needless to say, you should not accept drinks from strangers. You should also make sure that you are watching your drinks all the time. Alcohol can affect your mood the next day so you should factor in your activities and determine what the best day to drink will be.

Try local foods and drinks

If you want to enjoy your travel, you should consider trying local brews and foods. You will be surprised at how much experience you get from trying out the local items on the menu. Do your research and read the reviews on bars around you so that you visit the one that is likely to give you a good experience.