Martini is one of the most popular drinks to be served at a bar. At least it was in the 1920’s. Over the years it has been overshadowed by other cocktails. In the UK it is particularly difficult to find a bar that specifically serves a martini cocktail mixed to perfection. Luckily there are plenty of

experts who still specialise in the drink.

More often than not a bar WILL serve the drink brand Martini. They just will not necessarily use it to create a Martini cocktail. Fans of the Dry Martini have in recent years noticed how frustrating it is to order one and be presented with a shot of single vermouth.

How To Make The Perfect Dry Martini

If you find yourself at a bar where the staff are unsure how to make a Dry Martini then here is the recipe:

  • Fill a cocktail shaker with ice.
  • Pour in 1 part dry vermouth and 6 parts gin. This is typically 1/2 oz vermouth to 3 oz gin.
  • Shake the cocktail well. Some people like to stir instead. However as James Bond states himself this is not the right way to do it!
  • Strain the drink from the shaker into the martini glass.
  • Garnish the cocktail with an olive and/or a twist of lemon.
  • Enjoy!

Dry Martini Alternatives

There are some people who do not like a Dry Martini. This does not mean they can’t enjoy vermouth however. Here are some alternatives:

  • The Martinez: This is made from sweeter versions of the dry gin and vermouth found in the original cocktail.
  • The Bronx: This adds in orange juice.
  • The Strike: This turns the drink on it’s head by introducing additional ingredients all with the purpose of sweetening the mixture.