Tips on Visiting Bars When You Have Osteoarthritis

Tips on Visiting Bars When You Have Osteoarthritis

When people hear of living with osteoarthritis, they imagine that it is the end of normal life. There are some people who cut things out of their lives, including stepping into a bar to have fun with their friends. While having osteoarthritis means that you have to make some adjustments to your lifestyle, you can still enjoy the little pleasures in life. Some tips that you can use to make your visit to the bar comfortable are:

Drink in Moderation

When it comes to explaining what causes osteoarthritis, there have been many theories, with some people suggesting that drinking alcohol might trigger it. New evidence and medical research studies however show that drinking alcohol in moderation could actually offer relief to some patients. This is not to encourage you to overindulge. Drink in moderation and know when to stop.

Go For Comfortable Seating

The seats in bars can sometimes be crammed together and this might cause a strain to the muscles on the joints. When choosing a bar, you should bear in mind the guide for choosing chairs that people with osteoarthritis are supposed to adhere to. Not all bars will have comfortable chairs, so you should do your research to find the one that is more comfortable. If you are a regular, you can even have them allow you to bring your own chair.

Limit Movement

It can be tempting to rise up and dance vigorously when the music in the bar starts flowing. There have been medications and inventions that have come up to help in managing osteoarthritis, and even as people embrace them, medics still say that the best way to avoid aggregating the situation is not to strain your body. It is okay to sway to the rhythm of good music while you are at the bar, but nothing too vigorous.

Eat Well and Always Carry Medication

You should know the kinds of food for people with osteoarthritis and try to order them when you are in the bar. Other than eating well, always carry with you your medication for when you get a sudden attack. Remember that you can live a pretty normal and comfortable life once you learn how to manage your condition. Keep researching widely and always talk to your doctors about the things that you are allowed to do.