Essential Accessories of a Well-Stocked Bar

Essential Accessories of a Well-Stocked Bar

From cocktail shakers, glasses, and wine pourers, to bottle openers, there are go-to items for all bars. Whether the bar is a full-blown establishment with tables or just a few shelves, certain accessories are essential. Here are the most recommended.

Bottle Opener

Guests are impressed by bottle openers they can access on their tables and use for themselves. The waiters and other bar staff may be busy shaking the cocktails. So it makes sense to keep this essential item close by.


The muddler is a lifesaver as far as the crafting of cocktails goes. It is used in the mashing of herbs and fruit in the shaker. This means serving customers with the freshest cocktails on the spot without causing a mess. Good thing it is one of the most inexpensive tools in a bar.

Cocktail Shaker

Cocktail lovers prefer freshly made drinks because they come with remarkable flavor when shaken. Cocktail shakers are real works of art, probably the reason they make great gift ideas for Fathers’ Day. No matter how basic the design is, they work great for every situation.

Double Sided Jigger

A lot of precision is needed in measuring cocktails. The best cocktail recipes create consistent tastes. A double-sided jigger comes to the rescue. A smaller one is more ideal as opposed to having a typical measuring cup.

Stemless Wine Glasses

These are multi-purpose glasses. They practically serve anything poured in them. The stemless option by RoyalDesign is more appropriate for starter bars. Storage is more straightforward than for their taller stemmed counterparts.

Bar Towel

It is normal to have small spills on bar tables. As such, there is a need for plenty of towels that should be ready for quick mopping.


A good corkscrew should uncork the wine bottle in the shortest time possible without necessarily cutting out the foil. Guests don’t like their time wasted when being served.