Food Bars For Large Groups

Food Bars For Large Groups


If you have a large group then it can be a great idea to have an event that is hosted at a food bar. It is an ideal location because it means that the host of the party does not have to serve the food and drink themselves. This can be quite a relief and take any pressure of of them. It also means that they have an abundance of meals and beverages available to them. Knowing the menu and drinks list is a useful thing to do. There are several tips worth reading in order to make a large group event at a bar the very best it can be.

Top Tips

  • Book a private room

This is a useful thing to do for a number of reasons. First off it allows for increased privacy. This is particularly appropriate if the group are participating in a wake or similar ceremony. It also ensures that the group has enough room for everyone.

  • Let the bar know beforehand

There is nothing more frustrating for bar staff than to have an extremely large group come in during busy hours unannounced. It is important to remember that the staff are there to make your day as enjoyable as possible. If you work with them and let them know you are coming then it will help immensely. For one thing it means that the staff can reserve you tables and ensure that the kitchen is appropriately stocked.

  • Keep organised

Let the members of your group know whether it is an open bar or if they have to pay individually. Take note of who is in your group and what food they want order. Keeping organised will help to prevent any disruption to the event and help it to run as smoothly as possible.