Cider is one of the most popular types of drinks on tap that you will find in a traditional bar. It is usually formed from fermented apples. However in recent years there have been different types of fruit cider. The drink continues to evolve as drink makers and brewers experiment and innovate.

Facts About Cider

  • In 2017

white cider was taxed more than regular cider.

  • In the early days of the United States of America cider was a much more popular drink than beer.
  • Before he became president, Abraham Lincoln was a bartender. He served cider to his customers.
  • Hard cider is more often compared to beer than to wine. This is for two reasons. For one cider is bubbly unlike wine that is typically still. Also, cider apples contain much less sugar than the grapes that go into wine.
  • Cider is a popular ingredient to put into sangria. This has only been discovered by mixers recently.
  • In the middle ages it took a mere few hours to create a rudimentary form of cider known as dépense.
  • There is a much stronger form of cider known as Applejack. It is comparable to moonshine.