Facts To Know About Champagne

Champagne is the go to bubbly alcoholic drink when one wants to celebrate an event with friends or family. The beverage is famously sprayed from giant bottles by the winners of the Formula 1 car race tournament. It can also be found served in practically any reputable bar. An alternative to the drink is known as

Prosecco and is typically cheaper than Champagne.

For it to be the real deal the bottle needs to have come from the actual region of Champagne. If a sparkling white wine claims to be Champagne but not from the region then it is breaking trade laws.

How To Choose A Good Bottle Of Champagne From A Bar

  • Know the different types

Doux is the sweetest form. Demi-Sec, Sec and Extra Sec are still sweet but slightly less so. On the other end of the scale Brut and Extra Brut are dry.

  • Know the tiers

Classic is the entry tier of the vineyard. Reserve means that the bottle has aged for a number of years. Prestige are blends that are comprised from the best grapes available at the winery.