Pre Drinking

Pre Drinking

A Dilemma

Often when going on a night out to bar a person will only realise how much they have spent on drinks when they check their bank balance the next morning. Alcoholic beverages served at a bar tend to be more expensive than those bought directly by a customer from a shop. This is because the cost of the bar drink includes a service charge. This has meant that going to a bar is significantly more expensive than drinking at home in the company of friends and family. The question remains how can a customer enjoy a night at the bar without having to break the bank?

The Solution

Interestingly it has been students who have come up with the winning answer to the question. “Pre Drinking” is the act of consuming a certain amount of alcohol before the customer even leaves their home. That way they will not need to purchase quite as many drinks at the bar.

Pre Drinking is based on the concept that drinks are cheaper when bought from shops. Because of this people end up saving money when they pre drink. It has become an increasingly popular cost effective way for people to enjoy their night out.

Students have become adept at pre drinking practices. They have added new social dimensions to the act such as coming up with pre drinking games. This includes the card game known as “Ring Of Fire”. However,

health groups have warned about the practice. It is important to remember that all drinking must be done in moderation.