Time At The Bar

Time At The Bar

“Time at the bar” is an important phrase that all people should learn if they want to enjoy a fun night out at the bar. At the end of the night the bar staff will call out “last orders”. Traditionally a bell will then be rung in order to further alert patrons.

This means that customers only have a small amount of time left before they can no longer order any more drinks. This can often cause a surge as customers try to get their last drink orders in.

The bar staff will then wait for a certain amount of time pass. This is usually around 15 minutes. They will then ring the bell for a second time, followed by them calling “time at the bar”. This means that orders are no longer being taken and that the bar is closing.

It is important for customers to learn these terms. It will help prevent any upset if they do not realise that the bar will close soon. Armed with this knowledge a patron can work with the bar staff to ensure a smooth closing to the night.